Android Betting

What can be better than watching your favourite sport? Betting on your favourite team and making money. If you bet right, you can even wager on the underdog and stand the chance to earn some cash. Making money can be this easy. It has been made even easier by the availability of sports betting on hand-held devices.

Those running on the Android OS are among the best mobile devices to use for betting on sports. Several online sportsbooks recognize this and offer their sports betting products on Android devices. This makes betting on sports quite convenient and simple. These are some of the reasons you should wager using Android handsets. But there are many more.

No. 1 Android Sports Betting App – Bet 365

One of the best choices for wagering on sports via your Android device is Bet365. A key reason for this is its In-Play service, which is a great tool that you can use to wager on games of your choice. Bet365 also offers incentives to its players for using the mobile sports betting platform. These are offered as promotions and bonuses that are quite lucrative.

Also, becoming a member of the site is easy. To start, just create an account with the site. For this, you will have to go to the sportsbook page at Bet365. It will give you the option of creating an account. Click on the ‘Join Now’ button, follow the instructions and register your account. Make deposits that meet the minimum deposit requirements of the site. The sportsbook will then provide a link to which you can point your device’s browser. Next, if you have an existing account with the site, you can log-in to it immediately. At Bet365, the events and markets on offer are huge.

Key Benefits of Android Sports Betting

Many sportsbooks are offering products that enable Android device users to watch events live. This allows you to catch the action on the field as it happens. With sportsbooks facilitating sports bets on Android devices, you can bet simultaneously while watching the match. This also gives you the flexibility to make new bets when the game situation changes.

Android sports betting is facilitated by apps that the sportsbooks provide. These are developed to provide bettors with all the features they require to watch matches and make wagers. These apps allow in-play betting. They also serve as a medium through which bettors can collect information on the teams and players in a match. This can go a long way in helping you choose the bets you make. Through the app, you can find out the players who have been benched and have injuries, scores and leader-board positions. Based on this, you can make your bets.

One of the best aspects about having sports betting facilities on Android devices is that you get to bet when you are on the move. No matter where you are – in the train or car – you can bet on your favourite sport. With the mobile streaming provision, you no longer have to wait to get home and catch up on the action.

Use Android Powered Tablets for Better Viewing Experience

You can enhance you sports betting experience by using tablets powered by Android. The benefit is that you get to watch matches on a larger screen when compared to mobiles. On these displays, you will be able to enjoy the visual details of the match. What’s more, some Android betting apps allow users to view two matches on one screen by splitting it. This way, you can keep track of more on-field action and make more in-play bets. So, if you have an Android based tablet, and are an avid sports bettor, download and use betting apps for the device. The best choice for this is the Android sports betting app provided by Bet365.

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