Wimbledon Betting Tips 2011

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We’ve got to the crunch time stage of the final 16 at Wimbledon this year and all of the regular big names are in play, including the current champions Rafael Nadal, 6-time winner Rodger Federer, UK hopeful Andy Murray and the 3rd seeded Serbian Novan Djokovic.

I actually think this year’s Wimbledon is going to be far more competitive than previous seasons.  Both Murray and Djokovic have drastically improved since last year (both getting to the Australian Open Final) and Federer also seems to have “butched up” his upper body.

Who’s Going to Win?

Man, tough question!  I think there’s a good shout for betting on all of these players to win Wimbledon considering the odds available.  Obviously Nadal would be top choice having conquered the French Open in Rolland Garros and won the last two Wimbledon championships in 2010 and 2009, however most bookies seem to have Roger Federer as the favourite.  You can get odds of 15/8 for Federer to win compared with 12/5 or 9/4 for Nadal.

Although Federer is the bookies favourite, I still think the 30 year old would lose to Nadal.  Although he has far better movement, swarve and technical ability, Nadal’s baseline dominance will win him more points in the long run.  If you study previous rallies between them you’ll notice Nadal wins around 70% of rallies with 10 shots or more.  Nadal’s strength is his sheer power, he practically explodes the ball when he hits it across court.  I read this interesting statistic that Nada hits ball with 3x more revolutions per minute than most of his opponents (3,000 RPM).  The effect of this is that the ball dips and bounces much higher, catching their opponents off guard and making his forehand much harder to return.  Although this isn’t relevant, I’ve already seen Federer swing and miss the ball completely against Nalbandian. Kind of embarrassing.

Novan Djokovic is rightfully the 3rd seed, however there just seems to be something about him that’s not right in my opinion.  I can’t put my finger on it, but he just doesn’t “look” like a Wimbledon Champion. Of course, that’s a pretty farcical thing to say considering he’s already won a Major Open back in Australia and has beaten Nadal a few times on clay.  Djokovic’s strength is that he has the best return in the tournament, which against the likes of Federer would be a massive boon to his game.  He’s also beaten Murray numerous times in previous seasons, and looks physically fit and focused enough.  I just can’t imagine him beating Nadal or Federer over 5 sets.  He’s just not THAT good.

Finally, UK tennis fans can bet on Murray to win Wimbledon at 7-1.  I actually REALLY like this bet.  OK, Murray has let us all down in previous years and everyone talks about how he’ll never break into the top 2 or 3 in the world.  The gap between him and Nadal and Federer is much great than Djokovic’s etc.  Plus he has capitulated too many times at the last hurdle.  But this year Murray looks different.  He absolutely smashed aside the top US player Andy Roddick at Queen’s a few weeks ago, and even showed a bit of “trickery” in the last 3rd round at Wimbledon when he hit the ball between his legs.  This not only won the crowd over, but it also showed more confident and brazed “feel” about Murray.  As if you could bet on him and not completely be taken a fool.

So there you have it – bet on Nadal at 9/4 or on Murray at 7-1. Depends where your loyalties lie really but I personally think the Murray odds are much more exciting.

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