Probability Records Sharp Increase in Revenue in Latest Quarter

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Probability recorded a sharp increase in its revenue in the latest quarter. The key reason behind this increase in revenue is its mobile gaming operations.

Mobile gambling deposits increased by 55%, compared to the last quarter. The net gaming revenue of the firm increased by 27% between October and December last year, when compared to the revenue earned during the same period the year before. The total amount deposited by gamers was 48% higher in the last quarter than the previous one.

Probability Trading Strong in all Sectors

According to Probability, its’ trading had been strong in all areas of its business during the months of October, November and December. However, deposits coming from Android and iPhone users increased significantly during this period. The chief executive officer of Probability, Charles Cohen is of the opinion that the increasing trend of revenue generation in mobile gambling will continue to persist even if recession hits the economy again. Cohen added that the mobile gaming business is developing quite fast. It would not have been affected even if the economy went through a downturn this quarter.

Majority Mobile Gaming Customers are New Users

Cohen mentioned that the majority of Probability customers who deposited high amounts in the latest quarter are not its existing users but new ones. In December, the deposits made by players reached record breaking levels. On Christmas Eve, about £1m was wagered.

Due to the CRM capability and innovation constantly brought about by Probability, the yield from every player has increased. The net gaming revenue recorded in the last quarter was not only better compared to the previous fiscal year but was also 10% higher than the amount earned during July to September.

As mentioned by Cohen, during Christmas last year, gamers showed a tendency to withdraw wins more than usual. However, the operating margins are expected to be normal this year. Improvements have already been seen during the first two weeks of January. According to the company’s record of the last few years, the revenue growth in January is generally slow.

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