PlayerSoft Technologies Launches Mobile Enrollment Product for Mobile Players

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It is a well known fact that mobile gambling is growing rapidly. But at the same time, casino operators are also finding innovative uses of mobile phones and tablets to promote their service.

The Las Vegas Hard Rock casino along with PlayerSoft technologies has launched a unique product to sign in new customers into its elite casino club. This PlayerSoft product, Mobile Enrollment was launched in the market in September 2011 and is already in use at the casino. Staff of the Hard Rock casino can use this product to efficiently and swiftly enroll guests to its RockStar Club.

Hard Rock casino has now become the first to use Mobile Enrollment products for club signup. This is surely going to set the trend for similar programs that will be offered by different gaming companies in the near future.

Mobile Enrollment has a Player tracking method with a unique design interface. This product will reduce the sign up time to customer loyalty clubs from minutes to a few seconds. The innovative product can be used on iPhones or iPads.

PlayerSoft committed to improving user experience

PlayerSoft Technology which has created this unique product was established in the year 2010 by a group of online casino companies. The focus of this company is to design products that enhance the gamers’ playing experience. Tony de Leon, president of the company, said that he was excited to see that Hard Rock casino, a popular Las Vegas gambling resort is using their mobile sign up technologies. The casino is trying to simplify procedures to enroll guests. He also added that this technology is necessary for forging new relationships with casino users. It also gives the option to players who join casino clubs to access it from any place in the world.

Light and easy to use application

The Mobile Enrollment product is lightweight and simple to use. It helps casinos reduce queues at the club’s counter. This product also helps in enhancing client service and data accuracy during the enrollment process. Employees can use this product in the offline mode as well.

Vice President of Hard Rock Casino told the press that PlayerSoft has done a commendable job by creating this unique enrollment program. He also added that the product will greatly help their loyalty program and casino operations.


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