Mobile Gambling Industry Fulfilling its Promise

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According to a report released by the online betting firm Paddy Powers’ Chief operating officer, Breon Corcoran, 55 percent of the company’s customers own a smartphone and about 34 percent of the customers are accessing their service through their phones leading to the increase of revenue of Paddy Power by 300 percent. Breon Corcoran laid down the statistics at Google’s Think Mobile conference that took place in London this week.

Ever since the 3G technology has came into the market, there have been increasing expectations from the mobile gambling industry regarding the huge amount of money that can be made from the mobile apps used by the 3G customers. After the operators launched the first 3G services in the market, the multimedia content from gambling sites experienced a mixed fortune in the initial years. Although the games became a steady source of revenue, the operators had a hard time convincing the customers to pay for the game applications and not more than 5 percent of the users could be convinced.

When it comes to mobile gambling, the business now seems to be fairly good especially for the operators, bookmakers and the gambling firms. The games are in demand in most of the mobile application stores as well as downloaded hugely.

Corcoran also provided a brief outline of the growth experienced by the company in the past one year. In January 2010, the company had over 10,000 mobile customers which increased to 50,000 users in a matter of a year. By April 2011, the total number of customers of the company has been recorded to be about 120,000. The huge increase in the number of users can be credited to the apps developed for Android, iPad and iPhone.

Betfair, a company prospering in the gambling industry has also announced that it had taken more than $1 billion in bets from mobile devices. More than 168,000 people placed a bet from their phones resulting in the revenue of the company from mobile applications and mobile sites to rise by about 88 percent in a year. Raj Vemulapalli, the vice president of the company’s mobile engineering team, announced that developing new betting methods is the key to the success of the company as a large number of customers desire to access Betfair through their mobile phones.

Betfair has been investing heavily in mobile applications. It launched the HTML5 mobile web apps for Android and an API for other developers. 5 percent share of the revenues has been generated through these applications.

As far as presence of casino apps on mobile apps marketplaces is concerned, Google has taken a harder line than Apple in terms of approval for mobile phone gambling. Apple has allowed real money into gambling applications for the first time.

Reports released by the IHS Screen Digest reveal fact that the revenue from mobile gambling in UK has recorded a rise from 19 million in 2009 to about 41 million in 2010, which goes to show the huge potential that this sector has.



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