Microgaming Launches a New Android Mobile Air Platform

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Microgaming, a major online casino software provider, recently announced that it will launch a new product which could prove to be an immense success in the dynamic, fast paced mobile gaming industry.

Android Air Platform – Compatible with Tablets and Smartphones

The Android Air platform is a new product which is compatible with both smartphones and PC tablets which use the Android operating system. The application is based on Adobe Air and will, at first, bring together a game package which consists of 8 popular casino games provided by Microgaming. These games have already experienced success in the online gaming market.

Microgaming’s Plans for the Future

By the end of the year, Microgaming aims to have 20 more games as part of its portfolio. These games will be offered on the Android Air platform and will allow players to make the most of a varied selection of some of its more popular titles and games. Players using Android OS will soon be able to update their games via WiFi and no longer have to rely solely on 3G. This is similar to Microgaming’s Viper casino software which is used by many online casinos.

The new games featured on the Android Air mobile platform will be accessible easily through a simple-to-navigate games lobby. It provides options for features such as banking and registration which have been upgraded to make them more sophisticated and user friendly.

Microgaming’s signature acquisition and retention tools such as player communication manager, bonus balance and player grouping will be accessible on Microgaming’s new platform through direct linking with the gaming server.

Microgaming in the Mobile Industry

The Microgaming group recognizes that the mobile gaming industry is one of the most dynamic ones in the world. It is becoming increasingly successful and Microgaming wants to be a pioneer in the field, just as it was in online gambling.

Neill Whyte, Head of Product Channels of Microgaming said that mobile has become a big part of Microgaming’s strategy over the last few years. Microgaming already enjoys a large market share with its existing collection of products. According to Whyte, the mobile gaming explosion over the last year is due chiefly to the increasing availability of smartphones, especially in countries which are still developing.  Microgaming feels that its new product will have an enormous impact on both the mobile and online gaming industries.



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