Locaid’s Latest Innovation can Track Players Using Mobile Devices

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Locaid Technologies’ latest innovation, Global Cell ID, will enable Nevada Gaming Control Board to find out the location of players who are accessing casinos on their mobile phones. In a ruling last year, the control board had given permission to players to use their mobile devices to gamble within the state. However, till recently, there was no system in place to verify the location of players.

Application Meets Nevada Gaming Control Board’s Requirements

The new application meets the requirements set by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. It provides details about a player’s location via a trusted and certified application. This will help against players who are likely to use sites operating from Nevada when they are outside the state. The application takes data regarding player location from cellular networks. This way, players will not be able to trick the software by providing false information.

With mobile gaming taking big leaps, companies that offer casino games will require an application that will allow them to verify player location. It is the responsibility of online gambling site operators to ensure that only players in Nevada are using their sites. According to the CEO of Locaid, Rip Gerber, many mobile gambling firms have started using the company’s services. Two of them are Aristotle and American Wagering.

Integration of Enhanced APIs and Locaid’s Algorithms Helped Develop Application

In the application, Locaid has brought together innovations in network location positioning enabled by carries and its algorithms and location platforms. The integration of the two technologies has allowed the company to develop an application to serve the requirements of gambling operators that offer services on mobiles.

According to the CTO of Locaid, when users take their mobile devices outside the country, locating them via carrier APIs can be a challenge. This is because the devices will also go off the carrier it works on. Location APIs have been enhanced by Locaid. This way, when a request for the location of a player’s device is sent to the company, it will be able to provide information even if he is travelling in the country. Gerber stated that Locaid’s technology can be used in more than 165 countries via one API.

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