LEROY’S APP Approved by Nevada Gaming Control Board for iPhone

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In an announcement by Computerized Bookmaking Systems Inc (CBS) and American Wagering Inc, it was revealed that Nevada Gaming Control Board has approved Leroy Sportsbook’s proposal to provide its mobile betting application– LEROY’S APP – for the iPhone. American Wagering Inc is Leroy Sportsbook’s parent company and the biggest operator among sportsbooks in Nevada. CBS has made a name for itself in the gambling world as a top provider of sports and racing bookmaking technology.

First Legal Sports Betting App for iPhone in US

The approval is a big step in the history of sports betting, as the app will be the first to be launched for iPhone, in the US. This means that bettors in the US can wager from iPhone legally. Sports bettors can access the app via the services provided by four top mobile carriers – AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. The new app will cater to nearly 90% of Nevada’s smartphone market. According to Leroy Sportsbook, the next big step for the company in the field of mobile betting will be the inclusion of the new app on iPad too.

App to Enhance Leroy Sportsbook’s Technology Offerings

The addition of the iPhone has played a key role in enhancing the company’s image as one with a well-rounded offering of technology. It has also helped the company secure its place in the mobile gambling market in the US to offer a sports betting app that is legal. The president of the company stated that the addition of the iPhone app is a step in the direction of meeting people’s demands for technology and wagering solutions that are convenient. The app has been designed to work on the latest version of the operating system on the iPhone – iOS5. It is also compatible with iPhone 4s, 4 and 3GS models.

American Wagering Inc’s senior vice president stated that the company recognizes that the approval indicates that the Gaming Control Board is accepting of the direction in which account-based systems and mobile betting are heading. According to him, the review and sanction of the latest technological advancements from the company, by the Gaming Control Board, can go a long way in improving the offerings in the industry. It will also help companies offer customers the technology they want.


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