International Mobile Sportsbook Company Enters Africa

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IMSC’s Reinvention of Mobile Gambling

Around six years ago, a lot was written about mobile gambling. The sector was looked at as a promising tool to change the face of gambling and taking it, from being primarily land-based, to a mobile platform. Initial glitches with the interface were resolved quickly and mobile betting became extremely popular. Mobile gambling made significant progress when hand-held devices became a convenient channel for those having online credit based accounts.

Stephen Ibbotson, associated with International Mobile Sportsbook Company (IMSC) tells in an interview, how SMS and a simple pay-out system gathered a million users for them. When asked about the secret behind the winning formula, he goes on to say that IMSC is pretty active in Africa and Asia where SMS is popular. IMSC attempted to build up a channel based on mobile platforms, rather than just sticking to the front end of an already existing system. This is what most of the big online firms are still doing, and makes it evident that the firms are still on the older payment platforms and competing against one another.

When asked about the sort of gambling offered by IMSC, Ibbotson said that they are mostly based on football and cricket betting. But bingo and lottery betting are offered too. The payment system is through digital top ups, scratch cards or via bank.

Stephen Ibbotson also revealed the fact that IMSC has been helped by Grupo Pefaco to enter the market in Africa. 22% stake was acquired by Grupo Pefaco and a joint venture was established in 2009, in Bettimovil, Africa. This helped IMSC establish itself in Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Tago where the company is enjoying over 100,000 customers now.

When asked about the company’s progress, Ibbotson said that the fact that SMS is preferred by IMSC lowers the acquisition costs of the company a lot when compared to other traditional online gaming companies. However, the average betting amount has been increased by about 600% when compared to 2010.

Ibbotson was also asked about his thoughts on using phone credit as a means of payment for betting. He accepted the fact that Airtime can be a good solution but the revenue shares are a bit problematic and 30% is not a feasible target for IMSC. Presently, it is easier to work with the company’s own payment systems, Stephen said. He also mentioned that North, South and Central America, as well as some Asian and African countries are some of the obvious targets of IMSC to expand their business in future.


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