IG Index Introduces iPhone Application

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One of Britain’s top spread betting providers, IG Index, has introduced its latest mobile application for iPads. Customers can now choose from a variety of applications which have been tailored to fit iPhones, Androids, Windows 7 phones, Blackberrys and the iPad.

The Scope for Mobile Dealing Applications

The Managing Director of IG Index, Tim Hughes, said that the latest smartphones have given application developers the opportunity to improve spread betting software on mobiles by leaps and bounds. There has been a major rise in the number of customers who use their mobiles to deal while on the move. He said that in the past year there has been an increase in mobile dealing by 300%. Most of these orders are placed on the iPhone. IG Index is sure that the iPad’s bigger screen and better gaming facilities will play a positive role in selling the application to potential customers.

Spread betting on the iPad with IG Index allows users to customize the layout of the application and show watch lists, charts and order tickets in combinations next to each other. Non-clients are allowed to download the app for free and are granted access to live market data like commodities and currencies to the FTSE 100 price.

Reception of the Applications

According to Hughes, the release of the iPad gives IG Index the opportunity to offer clients an app which is tailored to fit the most popular mobile devices. The iPhone app is currently their best selling application. Nevertheless, there have been significant downloads among Android users after the launch of an application for the device, a few months ago. IG Index is set to release their Windows 7 phone application soon and they hope to have similar results. Though he feels that it is premature to imply that dealing with a desktop computer has become redundant, Hughes stated that clients showing an eagerness to try out new complementary gaming platforms.

Research shows that approximately 3.62 million people own tablet computers in the UK alone. Apple’s product is in the majority with a 73% stake in this market. It is predicted that 2 million more devices will be sold in 2012.



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