HTML 5 Soon to Replace Flash in Mobile Gaming

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Adobe recently announced that it would be discontinuing the development of flash programs for the mobile casino industry (you can compare mobile casinos at This is the result of many operators in the industry expressing their concerns that gaming platforms that are linked to flash technology will soon become obsolete.

Updates Rather than New Features

The company will continue to release security and bug updates for RIM’s Playbook and Android. However, no new feature updates will be released. Discontinuing Flash is not likely to have an adverse effect on the market as the company will now turn its focus towards HTML5. This is fast becoming a universal platform and has already been incorporated into large mobile devices. HTML 5 is considered a better option for development and content delivery.

Adobe stated that the platform switch would allow it to increase its investment in HTML 5 and innovate it using Flash technology. This will make it ready to have an impact on the industry, especially in premium videos and advanced gaming. The company also said that it was aiming to enable content publishers and developers to deliver richer experiences that are independent of technology.

Fewer Issues with Security

According to analysts, HTML 5 has less security issues than Flash. Mobile gamers will have better security and games after Flash is phased out and HTML 5 is incorporated by on line casino operators. Danny Winokur, the vice-president and general manager of interactive development stated that HTML 5 is now the universally supported software on all major mobile devices. This makes it the best choice for deploying content across platforms.

Microsoft recently announced that the new Metro style Internet Explorer 10 that will be featured on Windows 8 won’t support plug-ins like Flash. According to Dean Hachamovitch, the head of the Internet Explorer team at Microsoft, the experience that plug-ins provide is not compatible with the browsing (metro style) on IE1O and the more modern HTML 5 based web.

Adobe’s Future Plans

Adobe intends to expand into the mobile gaming market by creating platform-native applications that are based on Adobe Air. Flash programs will be used for laptops and desktops. For users whose systems support Apple OS’, the discontinuation of Flash won’t be a problem as the OS did not support it.


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