History of the iPhone

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History of the iPhone

The iPhone is the most popular and successful commercial multimedia Smartphone in the 21st century.  Designed and marketed by Apple Inc, the first iPhone was introduced in January 9th, 2007.

Development of the iPhone began with Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs’ wish for Apple engineers to start investigating touch screen technology.  Many of Apple’s most successful products and innovations have been the product of strong leadership and ideas.  Like the iPhone, the original iPod was blessed with a patented “scrolling wheel” mechanism which blessed the iPhone with originality and user-friendliness.

Talk surrounding the development of the iPhone was held in deep secrecy.  Apple engineers worked alongside AT&T mobility for over 30 months.  An estimated $150 million was spent on design and software development however Apple’s owners felt the design was lacking and rejected the final product.  AT&T gave Apple the liberty to develop the iPhone’s hardware and software (and design) in-house.

The first ever iPhone was famously unveiled by Steve Jobs to the public’s eyes on January 9th, 2007, at Macworld 2007.  Some months later the iPhone went on sale in the US on June 29th, 2007 at 6:00 pm local time.  Hundreds of thousands of customers lined up at stores worldwide for the new Apple phone release.  For many, it was seen as revolutionary, especially after Steve Jobs showcased its superiority over other phones by using GPS technology and iPhone applications to find the nearest Pizza delivery hut and order hundreds of pizzas over the phone to be redelivered at the conference. In the UK, France and Germany, the original iPhone was released in November 2007, and Ireland and Austria in the spring of 2008.

The original iPhone sold an unprecedented 6.1 million original iPhone units over five quarters. By the end of March 2007, Apple had managed to sell over 33 million iPhones.  To date, approximately 6.4 million iPhones are active in the US alone.  At one point the massive surge in sales made Apple the 3rd largest mobile phone manufacturer by revenue, after Nokia and Samsung.

iPhone Functions and Features

The success of the iPhone has been attributed to its panoply of innovative software and hardware – along with touch screen technology. Currently Apple has over 200 patents pending over mechanisms in the iPhone.

The iPhone functions as a camera phone, portable media player, internet client, web browsing, Wi-Fi connectivity, multi-touch screen and virtual keyboard.  One of the best features of the iPhone is its support for 3rd party software, also known as iPhone Apps. There are now hundreds of thousands of Apps available for the iPhone that you can download for free or choose to pay for, including Maps, Games, ITM Cash Machine Locators, Girl Friend Apps, Local Weather Update Apps, References, Celebrities, News, Directories and more.  After Betfair released their Official Betfair iPhone App in September 2010, users can now enjoy betting on their iPhone across a range of sports markets.  Other bookmakers including Paddy Power and Bet365 have also developed iPhone Apps for users to place bets and check their online accounts with.

iPhone 4 – The 4th Generation of iPhone

The 4th generation of iPhone models, iPhone 4, was released on June 24th 2010.  The iPhone 4 has two cameras for FaceTime video calling, a higher resolution display; however it still retains almost the exact same designs and specifications of the original iPhone in 2007.  The screen size and button placement has persisted through all 4 models.

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