Growth of iPhone Sports Betting

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Growth of iPhone Sports Betting

In my opinion the online gaming industry in general is primed up for a mobile technology revolution.  The last decade has seen online sports betting and gaming in general have massive growth centred around key features such as in-play betting and deposit-bonuses.

However the race amongst sportbooks and bookmakers is who can dominate the mobile and iphone sports betting niche the fastest.  Think about it, with the advancement of smartphones and other sophisticated mobile technology (even the iPad), a trend is starting to emerge where mobile gaming is encroaching on the market share of online gaming.

We’ve already seen it in sports betting.  In September 2010, Betfair became the first bookmaker to officially launch and iphone sports betting app that offers all of their services to users.  Using java networks to minimise bandwidth, the Betfair iphone sports betting app allows users to bet or wager money on any of their markets, both sports and financials.  You can set up accounts, make deposits and access the in-play betting Fav V Fan markets.

Shortly after Betfair’s iphone app was unleashed, other major UK bookmakers including William Hill, Bet365, Paddy Power and Ladbrokes released an iPhone app.  And the truth is, mobile sports betting is massive business.  Betfair’s cheif executives saw mobile sports betting revenues increase by 40% last year, and when you think about this figure it’s only going to increase and more and more people start upgrading to smart phones like the iPhone and Google Android.

If you’re still not convinced about the trend of mobile gaming taking over, than have a look at other sectors and niches.  Switch Poker became the first real money poker site catering to iPhone users back in October 2010.  Although their traffic is very small and only averages at about 100, I’m pretty sure that they’re going to reap the benefits of being the first poker site to engage in that particular niche.  And lo and behold, Full Tilt Poker, the 2nd largest poker site in the world have just released an iPhone poker game called “rush poker mobile”.  Again, while it doesn’t provide the full range of services and games that you’ll find on the Full Tilt Poker website and desktop download, this is probably just a quick thing that they put together, and either way it’s a big sign of things to come.

Outside of online gaming, both spread betting and forex trading has expanded on to iPhones and smart phones.  The typical traders who use forex (foreign exchange) and spread betting are city traders who are constantly on the go.  The ability to check stock prices, movement in the market and execute different trades whilst monitoring their positions 24/7 is the reason iPhone trading is becoming such as massive deal.  I was only in London a few days ago when I saw a spread betting advert for iPhone users displayed in the Underground.  There are over 20 spread betting platforms offering their services in the UK at the moment, and virtually all of them offer mobile and iPhone apps including Capital Spreads, IG index, TradeFair and IGX Capital.  If you search for “mobile forex” or “iphone forex” platforms in google now you’ll also find tons of hits and platforms that offer services on the iphone.

In conclusion, the iphone betting and gaming industry is going to become massive.  Maybe not just the iPhone, since that could be short-lived mobile handset, but smart phones and mobile gaming in general will take over from computers and conventional markets.

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