D.C. Lottery Could Soon Launch Country’s First Approved Online Gambling Site

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Anacostia River District officials intend to make the D.C. area, the home of internet gambling. Officials are gearing up to establish an online casino in this District, which is also US’ first jurisdiction to give thumbs up to online gambling. By September this year, casino enthusiasts will be able to place cash bets on games like bingo, blackjack and Texas Hold’em. Executed successfully, the initiative could earn the government millions of dollars as revenue.

D.C Lottery’s executive director, who leads the initiative, stated that as the first agency in the country to make online gambling a reality, they are going to go about it the right way. Responsible gaming measures will be set in place and these will be the best and the most advanced. In order to play, users will have to create an account, and will be allowed to deposit a maximum of $250 a week. The site will not be accessible between 4 and 10 in the morning. The agency intends to employ tools that will allow them to monitor players’ gaming tendencies and block them from playing if they show problem behavior.

The executive director went on to say that the agency was interested in making money and generating revenue for the city. He stated that the way the agency goes about it will be highly responsible. The games that the site offers will be those that don’t allow players to lose or win huge amounts in one hand.

The only challenge that the agency currently face is the gambling legislation that was passed last year. A hearing has been scheduled to evaluate the effect that the gambling initiative could have on the industry and government. A few months ago, the online gaming proposal was added as part of a budget bill that was passed into law, and was met with very little resistance.

With this online, the officials intend to close the gap between internet casino gaming and players who enjoy it. The public space the agency has chosen for this is one that it considers to be apt for online gambling. The design for the system will be provided by Intralot, the lottery contractor based in Greece. Once the site is launched and starts generating revenue, the District will give half the amount to the D.C. Lottery and Charitable Games Control board. Based on national trends, the financial officials in the District have stated that in the next 3 years, the site could earn as much as $13 million dollars.


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