Big Fish Takes Over Self Aware Games in Preparation to Move into Mobile Gaming

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Casual game giant, Big Fish Games, has announced that it has acquired Self Aware Games, a leading software developer for mobile gaming. The acquisition also includes its parent company, Social Concepts, creators of the popular Card Ace: Casino which is a popular mobile game brand.

Big Fish Set to Enter Mobile Gaming Arena

With this takeover, Big Fish will be able to enter the mobile gaming arena using the development proficiency and design expertise of Self Aware Games. The latter has an extensive technology framework and a reputable array of mobile games that can take advantage of the marketing and distribution system as well as the infrastructure of Big Fish Games.

According to Paul Thelen, Big Fish Games’ founder, the integration of the highly skilled mobile gaming developer will allow Big Fish to expand into the lucrative market of casino games through its mainstream game platform. Colin Liotta, chief technologist and co-founder of Self Aware Games, has stated that Big Fish is the ideal partner for the gaming developer as it has 10 years experience working with numerous software developers across the world.

Self Aware Games to Launch HTML5 Version of Card Ace: Casino

Self Aware Games will be releasing an HTML5 version of Card Ace: Casino in the second quarter of 2012. This will help extend the game to the other mobile platforms and social networks such as Facebook. Thelen stated that Big Fish is looking forward to providing an engaging gaming platform for the players of Card Ace: Casino on Facebook.

Big Fish Announces Growth of 30%

Big Fish has announced a 30% growth for 2011. Last year was the ninth successive year in which the casual game giant recorded consistent profits from the sizeable sales of its proprietary games. The company has a game portfolio of 2500 games which are offered across several platforms, including tablet PCs, Macs and smartphones.

The acquisition was a result of several gaming companies looking to explore the lucrative market of mobile gambling. With the US DoJ ruling that only betting on sports is illegal, many US states are preparing to launch state-regulations for legalizing online gambling.

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