Betfair Developing App that can Identify Horse and Rider Real -Time

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Betfair recently announced that it is developing a new app for mobile devices that can identify horses and participating in a race. It will also provide odds in real-time. Punters can use this to place bets on events. Still in the development stage, the app was released to give punters an idea of what it can do.

The app was used during the Grand National which took place on 14th April. It linked images taken on a mobile device, with GPS data to give information on the horses and riders. This was enabled by picture recognition software.

Once the app recognizes a horse, it will augment the images of the moving animal to provide information punters can use. Some of the details the app can provide this way are star-rating of the horse and its odds.

Betfair’s App Similar to Google’s Project Glass

A few days ago, Project Glass, a camera that can be worn by the user, was unveiled by Google. It works the same way Betfair’s new app is designed to. The camera augments an image and combines it with information about an object’s location. According to analysts, the project from Google is still in the development phase, and is not likely to make it to the market any time soon. Betfair too stated that the prototype (working) of its app, which was unveiled, is not ready for the market. However, the latest version of the app shows punters the areas the company’s research team is exploring.

Currently, augmented reality is being used in a number of areas like military training, manufacturing, robotics, entertainment and engineering design. The concept has been incorporated in apps like Ausrasma via smartphone camera technology.

App a Live Research Project

According to Betfair, the app is a live research project which is being developed exclusively for race goers. They will be able to take a picture, transfer it via phone to a data source which uses key numbers and words with GPS positioning, to launch the Betfair market on punters’ phones.

Betfair’s newest app is an indication that the company is investing in technology to make betting experiences better for its punters. However, in the past, the betting exchange has faced problems with systems in matching bets for which punters provide odds. Last December, Betfair was forced to void un-running wagers on Leopardstown Christmas Hurdle when what it called a technical glitch, occurred.

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