Launches Sports Website, iPhone App

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With the launch of its new website, intends to bring sports fans together. This sports website doubles up as a social platform where members can create profiles and indulge in discussions on their favorite sports. The social website also provides betting systems for sports where users can bet against one another using the virtual currency provided by – BestStreak Dollar. is mainly known for its Streak competition where users can guess the outcome of a match from a wide range of events including NBA, NFL, NCAA and MLB. A $100 prize is awarded to the first player who guesses the right ten teams correctly. This game also allows for several players to win in a day as it restarts every time a winner is picked. The most exciting part of registering with is that it is completely free of cost.


What’s special about BestStreak?


BestStreak has announced that they are pleased to have released a social website dedicated to sports and betting which allows sports lovers from all over the world to communicate on a single platform. With message forums and live feeds of the latest matches, the website has been well received so far. Awarding cash prizes to millions of players all over the world, BestStreak offers a genuine chance for many players to win a small fortune.


Unlike other contests that award large cash prizes to select players, BestStreak works with the aim of giving a fair chance to thousands of players. Known to offer amazing cash prizes everyday, this website is also dedicated to streaking and blogging on everything related to sports. Another major advantage of BestStreak is that they offer prizes on several sports including football, basketball and baseball.


iPhone App makes BestStreak more accessible


Along with a full fledged social site based on sporting events, BestStreak has also launched apps for iPhones and iPods. It can be downloaded very easily from the App Store on iTunes. This app is specially designed to make accessing and logging in very easy for mobile users. The app also allows users to have a look at the leader board before taking their pick. 

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