Barcelona Champions League Dominance Stuns English Football

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Champions League Final Review

Without a shadow of a doubt the Champions League Final at Wembley last weekend was the best game that I have ever and will ever get to go to in my life.  Anyone who knows anything about football realises that cup finals are never normally that exciting.  For instance, when was the last time you can remember a riveting League Cup Final, FA Cup Final or even FIFA World Cup Final?  They just don’t normally exist, and most often then not they are abstemious 1-0 or 2-0 games which lack excitement and twists.

This Champions League Final was extremely exciting however.  Both teams were clearly going all out for the win and weren’t just going to sit back and let the other team come at them.  Utd defender Patrice Evra actually stated after the game that their game plan was to get the first goal.  In the 2009 Champions League Final in Rome, once Barcelona went ahead 1-0 to Man Utd it really did look like the game was all over.  Barca’s incredible possession rate meant that they could just run the Utd players ragged for 45 minutes and tire them out, where as if Utd scored first then all they’d have to do is allow Barca to keep the ball but then close them down whenever they got close to the penalty area.

Unfortunately for the 50,000+ Manchester United fans (including myself) that travelled down the M1 to Wembley, Barcelona completely bossed the game and won 3-1.

The funny thing about Barcelona is that you knew exactly what their game plan, strategy, tactics and formation was going to be one month before the game even started.  In fact, Man Utd knew they would be facing Barcelona in the Finals as early as the first semi-final against Schalke which they won 2-0 away.  Yet, there was nothing that Man Utd could machinate in order to break up Barcalona’s game or disrupt the flow of the their game.  This speaks volumes for how good a team Barcelona are.  That they can play the exact same formation and strategy, passing the ball around endlessly, teasing teams, and there is nothing that the opposition can do about it.

Barcelona were by far the better team on the night.  And while Sir Alex Ferguson issued regrets about how well his team played on the night (including individual errors), I don’t honestly think he could have done anything to beat this Barca side.  Even if he could pick a starting XI of any players in the world (Ronaldo, Cassilas, Vidic, Beckham, Scholes, Keane, Van Nistlerooy etc) I still don’t think he would have won.  You only need to look at Real Madrid’s dream team, how much they have spent on players such as Ronaldo, Kaka and Benzema, and their manager Jose Mourinho to see that even they couldn’t beat Barcelona in the Champions League or La Liga.  Mourinho, one of the most tactically astute manager in the game with 2 Champions League trophies with two different teams in the last 6 years, with one of the best squads in the world, and he still couldn’t even get close to beating their Catalan rivals.

The real problem for Man Utd and Sir Alex Ferguson now however is how do they go about building a team or adding quality to their team this summer so that next season they can beat Barca?

The problem is they pretty much can’t.  No team, with infinite amount of money, could beat Barcelona based on possession and overall control of the game.  Obviously you can rely on luck (like Man Utd did in the first half of the final which ended 1-1 even though Barca should have been 2-1 or 3-1 up with three times as many shots on goal within 45 minutes), but this isn’t really enough.

Sir Alex Ferguson is now 69 years old and is pretty much set in his ways.  Sure, he could add a few more players to his squad over the summer but this would very unlikely close the impossible gap on Barcelona.

I actually think that Barcelona and Spain’s victories in the Champions League and World Cup Finals respectively will have changed football forever.  Youth academies and schools will now be placing far more attention of technical ability of players, rather than the long ball, physical football which has dominated the Premier League and national England senior team for the last two decades.


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