Arsenal Must Splash the Cash to Qualify for the Champions League next Season

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At the time of writing, all of the major football news sites such as Sky Sports are reporting the inevitable transfer of French International Samir Nasri to Manchester City.

With a crucial Champions League qualifier away to Udinese next Wednesday night, I’d be really worried if I was an Arsenal supporter right now.

Arsenal are the only Premier League team to have not improved on their squad since last season.  While Liverpool’s owners have spent more than £100 million in the last year signing a plenary of English talents such as Downing, Carroll (£35 million), Adam and other top drawer international players such as Enrique and Squarez, Arsenal have hardly anything to show for their new season asides from new signing Gervinho.

Meanwhile, Arsenal have let their best player and captain Cesc Fabregas go Barcelona for £34 million for a pretty sub-par price tag.  News of Arsenal’s pending sale of French attacking midfielder Samir Nasri is about to hit the headlines, which is just another example of Wenger crippling his already young/small squad of much needed talent and experience.

It’s a huge task to keep your best players satisfied and happy at your club.  Don’t blame Arsenal for his lack of trophies to keep his top players, it happens to every club around the world regardless of trophies.  Ronaldo left Man Utd for Real Madrid back in 2008, while Tevez has tried as hard as he can to leave Manchester City to go back to Argentina/Brazil this summer.

I obviously think it would be very cruel to blame Wenger for his best players leaving at such a young age.  It’s not his fault that he can’t compete with the financial clout of Manchester City and Chelsea.

However what I can’t understand and what is inexcusable in my opinion is his contentness to consistently sell his top quality squad players at the end of every season. If you look at Manchester Utd and Chelsea FC, they virtually always keep their best players at the end of the season and then re-invest sums in new signings and top drawer players. This is what Sir Alex Ferguson did when he brought in Antonio Valencia, Berbatov, Ashley Young, David De Gea and others.  Each season he improved the squad and identified weaknesses from the previous season.

Arsenal fails to do this however.  Rather than building on their squad, bringing in experienced defenders such as Jagielka or Gary Cahill or improving their attacking ability upfront with new strikers, they just sell their best players and buy another unproven 19 – 22 year old player (e.g. Gervinho).

Everyone knows that it’s Wenger’s policy that he likes to find new talents for himself and cultivate them with his own characteristics and playing style (e.g. Anelka, Veira, Henry, Wilshere) but in order to do this you need to have a solid backbone of experience and quality.  Arsenal lack such a thing and consistently find themselves devoid of experience and leadership at the back, combined with lack of a head strong mentality and poise up front.

I personally would like to see Wenger leave if I was an Arsenal fan this year (although for neutrals it’s great to see his style of football in the Premier League).  He consistently fails to keep his best players such as Nasri (Fabregas was inevitable really), he sells important squad players such as Clichy, Toure and Adebayor, and he fails to improve his squad for the next season and rather prefers to “invest” in youth which will take another 4-5 years to see the dividends of.








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