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Hey guys, welcome to our about us page. 

We decided to set up iPhoneBetting.org in October 2012 to help users find out how to place bets on an iPhone and to receive the latest industy news for betting on an iPhone.

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History of the iPhone and Betting

Launched in 2007, the Apple iPhone is now in its 3rd generation and is constantly being developed for all of the time.  With such crazy popularity and a drive in sales, the iPhone now has hundreds and thousands of 3rd part software or “Apps” developed for it.

Betfair was the first  bookmaker to provide an Official Betfair Sportsbetting App for the iPhone in September 2010.  Through the Betfair iPhone services, users can browse through all of Betfairs markets including the sports, political and financial services.  iPhone users even have access the the live in-play betting facilities enabling you to place bets on the move during the course of the game. 

It shouldn’t really be a surprise that Betfair was the first bookmaker to launch an official iPhone App, given the responsibility and focus of the Betfair Lab on developing new technologies.  What is really surpising however is that the iPhone became so successful and has dominated the multi-media smartphone market.

About the iPhone Betting Website

So far, a number of other bookmakers and sportsbooks asides from Betfair have begun to launch iPhone friendly software and Apps.  To date, both Bet365, Ladbrokes and top Irish bookmaker Paddy Power have delivered their own special iPhone Apps.

The reason we launched iPhoneBetting.org is to help iPhone users learn about iPhone betting news and tips. Because iPhone Betting has been such a sudden growing market, there doesn’t appear to be any site yet dedicated to iPhone Betting users.  We built up this site to help you find out how to optimise your iPhone for sports and financial betting.  There are tons of guides to help iPhone users become more familiar and learn about these features.  You can find a number of great bonuses and promotions for mobiles and iPhone betting here. 

As new sportsbooks release new iPhone applications and guides, we’ll update our website to provide you with the latest information and releases.

Thanks for visiting our site.  We hope you found it useful and enjoy betting on your iPhone.  If you havn’t visited it already, we also recommend you check out TheSportsGeek.com for the best sports betting tips!

About Our Editors

iPhoneBettingPros.com has a team of editors and writers who provide the latest information on mobile sports betting.

Adam G – Adam is the founder of iPhoneBettingPros.com.  He’s written most of the content on the site and also bets on UK sports such as the Premier League, Championship, League 1, Wimbledon, F1 and International Football.  Occasionally he writes editorial features for our blog section.

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