7th Annual Bingo Summit Scheduled for 19th and 29th of April

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On the 19th and 29th of April, some of the big names in the world of online bingo will get together for the 7th Annual Bingo Summit to discuss innovations to be made to improve players’ experience with games. The industry is currently gearing up to make the most of a regulated gambling market where digital gaming will become a revolution.

Companies like Google and 888 Holdings to Share Views at Summit

A few companies that will participate in the summit and share their views on the trends in the online bingo scene this year are Google, Mecca Bingo, 888 Holdings and Sky. Paddy Power, Beacon Bingo, Slingo, Maxymiser, New Game and Bingo Cams are others. Since it was started in 2006, more than 500 companies in the area of online bingo have attended the summit. Scheduled to go on for over 16 hours, the summit will give attending companies the chance to network with the big players in the industry.

Aims for Summit Pertain to Mobile Gambling

Most of the aims outlined for the Summit are related to mobile gaming. For instance, one of the objectives is to help attending companies establish a multi-screen and mobile strategy that will help them enhance game products. This will enable them to gain a larger share of the market for online bingo. It will also allow the companies to develop games with which player experience will be outstanding.

Companies that attend the summit can find out the opportunities that social media gives software developers and site operators. They can also discover new ways to make the most of this prospect. Consolidation is one of the factors that have changed the way the online bingo industry works. If companies understand this, they will be able to compete in a mature market.

Attending Companies to Get Information on How to Innovate

At the summit, the companies will get information on new ways to innovate their bingo games. Two ways of doing this are – enhancing user experience and increasing interaction with players. With the legal landscape in Europe changing, companies should know the impact it will have on them. The summit will reveal the new markets that are opening up in Europe and across the world, so companies can expand if they want to.

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